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U.S. moves to ban Kaspersky software in federal agencies amid concerns of Russian espionage.

The U.S. government on Wednesday moved to ban the use of a Russian brand of security software by federal agencies amid concerns the company has ties to state-sponsored cyberespionage activities. In a binding directive, acting homeland security secretary Elaine Duke ordered that federal civilian agencies identify Kaspersky Lab software on their networks. After 90 days, … Read more

Cybercrime Costs to Reach $8 Trillion by 2022

“Some 2.8 billion data records expected to be breached in 2017, according to a report released today by Juniper Research. Cybercrime costs are expected to saddle businesses with a whopping $8 trillion price tag over the next five years, as connectivity to the Internet rises but security system upgrades don’t keep pace, according to a … Read more

Hacker Attacks, Ransomware, Trojans and Viruses – German Healthcare Industry under Massive Attack

“The healthcare industry is ranked in the top 5 industries of medical identities becoming more and more lucrative on the black market. Cyber criminals have sophisticated intrusion ways against healthcare organisations leaving them exposed to the most advanced persistent threats. But how can it happen to you? Take a look at Locky for example. What … Read more

Hackers’ delight: Businesses put selves at risk for invasion

“David Cingari reaped the benefits of backing up a year ago, when an employee at his catering company came in around 7:30 a.m. to find her computer was taken hostage by ransomware. When she logged in, she got a notification that her files had been encrypted, or locked up so they couldn’t be read, and … Read more

68% of Healthcare Organizations Have Compromised Email Accounts

“Evolve IP has published the results of a new study that has revealed the extent to which healthcare email credentials are being compromised and sold on the dark web. The FBI has also recently warned about Business Email Compromise (BEC). Email credentials are highly valuable to cybercriminals. A compromised email account can be plundered to … Read more

Study: Cybersecurity Skills Gap To Widen To A Massive 1.8 Million Worker Shortfall By 2022

“The cybersecurity skills gap – widely recognized as one of the biggest challenges facing the IT security industry – is only going to continue to widen in the years to come, a recent report found. The deficit of cybersecurity professionals is now expected to grow to more than 1.8 million workers globally by 2022, according … Read more

Cybercrime: The Price Of Inequality

“Cybercrime costs are projected to reach $2 trillion by 2019 predicts Juniper Research, and $6 trillion by 2021 posits Cybersecurity Ventures. Cybercrime has already cost U.K. business over £1 billion in the past year according to the U.K.’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting center. And the 2016 Norton Cyber Security Insights Report states that global cybercrime hit $126 billion … Read more