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Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

Is Your Computer Vulnerable To Malicious Attacks?

The number of malicious attacks on corporate and Federal computer systems is constantly growing. In today’s tumultuous cyber environment, it is imperative to find the weak spots in your vital assets and take corrective action – before attackers get the chance to damage or steal your sensitive data.

In the past, vulnerability assessments were strictly a preventative strategy to keep your network secure. Now, they are a necessary one. Cybergate IT’s skilled team of engineers identifies clear vulnerabilities and prioritizes them. We collect data utilizing automated methods, proprietary tools, and manual assessment efforts to create a list of identified exposures.

Vulnerabilities are then manually validated in order to determine:

  • If the vulnerability represents a true risk
  • How that risk may impact systems on the network
  • If exiting safeguards may already prohibit a vulnerability from being exploited

A More Custom Approach

Vulnerability Assessments that are produced from software tools or online services typically identify thousands of  vulnerabilities and rate them according to severity. Cybergate IT’s vulnerability assessments employ a different approach: we consider both technical aspects and your daily business processes. Our recommendations address your IT structure and business functions. If needed, we offer multiple solutions to tackle issues.

At Cybergate IT, our goal is to improve our clients’ overall vulnerability management programs. Our strategic guidance helps organizations prevent future vulnerabilities – making our vulnerability assessments a useful tool for enhancing overall network security.

Ask us about which vulnerability assessment is right for you!