CyberGate IT

Flood of Threat Data Overwhelming Security Operations Center Managers

“In the modern cyber-security landscape, security vendors have been pushing the idea of visibility and alerting tools to help improve enterprise security. According to Intel Security’s McAfee Labs Threat Report for December 2016, many of the alerts that security tools are generating might be for naught as 93 percent of respondents admitted that they are […]

Most Businesses Pay Off Ransomware Attackers, IBM Study Finds

“The threat of ransomware has been top of mind for many security vendors and IT organizations throughout 2016. In an attempt to help quantify how different segments of the IT market view ransomware, IBM Security’s X-Force research group conducted a study that received responses from 1,021 consumers and 600 business leaders in the United States. […]

Kmart to settle data breach lawsuit for $5.2 mln – court filing

“Discount retailer Kmart has agreed to pay $5.2 million to settle a lawsuit brought on behalf of hundreds of credit unions and banks over a 2014 data breach that allegedly compromised credit card information of the store’s customers nationwide. The deal, which needs court approval, also calls for Kmart to improve its data security and […]