“In the modern cyber-security landscape, security vendors have been pushing the idea of visibility and alerting tools to help improve enterprise security. According to Intel Security’s McAfee Labs Threat Report for December 2016, many of the alerts that security tools are generating might be for naught as 93 percent of respondents admitted that they are unable to properly respond to all potential threats. The overwhelming number of security alerts is in part being driven by an increasing hostile attack landscape with 67 percent of organization reporting that they received an increased number of security incidents. Among the key trends that McAfee Labs observed in 2016 and specifically in the third quarter is the continued growth of ransomware, which grew by 18 percent in the third quarter. New macOS malware samples were also on the rise in the third quarter, growing 637 percent. While some forms of malware are continuing to grow, overall there was a 21 percent decrease in the number of new malware samples reported by McAfee Labs. This slide show examines key takeaways from the December 2016 McAfee Labs Threats Report.”

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Author: Sean M. Kerner