“Yahoo, which is reeling from a massive data breach, is reportedly facing a class-action lawsuit over it.

According to a report, the company is facing two lawsuits, both filed in the U.S. District Court, since the massive breach was announced.

“For Yahoo to lay the blame on state-sponsored entities for this data breach seems like nothing more than a PR stunt crafted to help the company avoid additional embarrassment and reputational damage,” said Danny Maher, CTO from U.K.-based data security company HANDD Business Solutions, in the report. “Nobody wants to admit that their data may have been stolen by a 16-year-old hacker from his garden shed. In fact, InfoArmour, a firm who sampled some of the stolen data with The Wall Street Journal, recently questioned Yahoo’s claims of a state-sponsored attack by suggesting all the evidence points towards a known criminal gang.””


Author: PYMTNS