CyberGate IT

White Paper on Cyber Security Attacks

Cyber Security as a Service

The methodology that CyberGate IT uses when creating a Cyber Security solution will incorporate a customized plan, design and implementation for your company. It will outline protocols, processes and procedures to ensure compliance and meet regulatory standards.
The objective is to provide your company with a roadmap to reduce and better manage Cyber Security risks. We will incorporate a combination of assessments and audits, done on a project basis with defined start and end dates, to further develop the plan and identify issues that require remediation.

Our project goals will:

  • Establish a baseline to identify gaps that need to be addressed
  • Do it on time
  • Do it within budget
  • Transfer knowledge
  • Ensure compliance (whether it’s regulatory, corporate or customer driven)
  • Deliver accurate reports in a way that can be easily consumed
  • Give real, actionable recommendations that are appropriate to your company and the culture
  • Enhance your Cyber Security program today and continually improve it

Customized Cyber Security

The continual improvement of your customized Cyber Security program will increase performance, efficiency, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness. Our continual improvement model has a series of questions that are meant to guide in the development of an improvement program, as well as give an opportunity to learn from past successes and failures. Our Cyber Security team will continuously assess and improve the Cyber Security solution that fits your business.

We will:

  • Decide what should be measured
  • Decide what can be measured
  • Gather the data
  • Process the data
  • Analyze the data
  • Plan and implement changes
  • Investigate and diagnose