CyberGate IT

“An advanced cyberattack has hit media outlets and infrastructure in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe, causing mass disruption

Cybersecurity researchers from Kaspersky described the malware, dubbed Bad Rabbit, in a blogpost on Tuesday, October 24. They explained how the previously unknown malware takes control of computer systems and encrypts data so that people.

Security researchers are comparing the Bad Rabbit ransomware to WannaCry, which disabled 300,000 computers earlier this year.

“Currently, it’s unclear as to whether or Bad Rabbit will be able to reap the same damage as WannaCry, but undoubtedly businesses will be holding their breath,” Jamie Graves, CEO of security firm ZoneFox, said in an email to Newsweek. “This highlights the need for a robust security posture, based on both technology and education.”

Victims of the Bad Rabbit ransomware include the Kiev Metro and Odessa International Airport in Ukraine, as well as Russian news agency Interfax and other media organisations.can’t access it.”

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Author: Anthony Cuthbertson