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Vulnerability Assessments: Is Your Small Business At Risk?

Vulnerability Assessments, is your small business at risk

What is a Vulnerability Assessment? 

A vulnerability scan detects and classifies system weaknesses of the edge equipment (Router or Firewall) and predicts the effectiveness of countermeasures. Are there any unlocked doors in your environment? What’s the potential for a data breach? We’ll provide a confidential report of any security vulnerabilities we find. 

Cybergate IT’s vulnerability assessments employ a unique approach. We consider both technical aspects and your daily business processes. Our recommendations address your IT structure and business functions. If needed, we offer multiple solutions to tackle issues. At Cybergate IT, our goal is to improve our clients’ overall vulnerability management programs. Our strategic guidance helps organizations prevent future vulnerabilities – making our vulnerability assessments a useful tool for enhancing overall network security.

Different Types of Vulnerability Assessments

  • Host Assessment – The assessment of critical servers, which may be vulnerable to attacks if not adequately tested or not generated from a tested machine image.
  • Network and Wireless Assessment – The assessment of policies and practices to prevent unauthorized access to private or public networks and network-accessible resources.
  • Database Assessment – The assessment of databases or big data systems for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, identifying rogue databases or insecure dev/test environments, and classifying sensitive data across an organization’s infrastructure.
  • Application Scans – The identifying of security vulnerabilities in web applications and their source code by automated scans on the front-end or static/dynamic analysis of source code

Cyber Security Threat Detection Bundle

You may be wondering if your small business is at risk of a cyber-attack. For this reason, we offer a Cyber Security Threat Detection bundle to help us determine what your current level of protection is. From there, our experts can suggest what steps should be taken to increase your protection online.
Our Cyber Security Threat Detection Bundle includes:

1) Dark Web Credential Search-Business Level

We go into the Dark Web to keep you out of it. Have your employee’s usernames and passwords been compromised? Identity thieves use the dark web to buy and sell personal information. Find out if your company’s information has been leaked and learn how to protect your company’s sensitive data.

2) Network Vulnerability Test

We’ll scan your website and Office(s) IP addresses. An External Vulnerability scan is an inspection of the potential points of exploit on a network to identify security holes. 

3) Cyber Security Assessment and Onsite Consultation

Get evaluated on how prepared you are to deal with a cyber security threat. Schedule time to meet with a seasoned IT professional to review all of the results of your Cyber Security Assessment and get advice on how you can better protect your company from a cyber security event.