Cybersecurity is not a new concept, but it is taking on new importance this year. Today’s digital organizations are driven by new technology and dependent on orderly data, and everyday life seems to be increasingly happening on top of connected infrastructures. The risks posed by cybersecurity attacks are monumental, but to mitigate those risks, new skills are needed.

However, modern businesses, specifically small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are struggling to keep up with the cybersecurity skills required to secure IT infrastructures, respond to incoming threats and ensure proper operations. According to CompTIA’s recent report, The Evolution of Security Skills, between 18 and 32 percent of companies say that they need significant improvement to existing security expertise across various topics. So, with the apparent need for improved security skills, how can you present your managed IT services to prospective clients as a solution for bridging this widening security skills gap?

We all know that security skills are in high demand today, but they can be hard to come by for many SMBs who don’t have the budget to hire an in-house security team. Their most practical and financially-sound option is to partner with an MSP like you and leverage your services and expertise to bridge this security skills gap. If you need help convincing your prospective clients of this, you can download the chart below and pair it with the talking points to make the case for why SMBs need your services to stay protected against today’s sophisticated threat landscape.

Network Infrastrcture Security

Knowledge of Threats & Threat Management

Application and Data Security

Compliance and Operational Security


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Author: Lily Teplow, Continuum