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If there’s one certainty in IT, it’s that things are uncertain. Computers crash, software doesn’t work as it should, and problems occur. And when they do, the way that you respond can be the difference between a minor hiccup and a full- blown business interruption.

                  Proactive IT Monitoring

Our fully-managed IT services suite is designed to provide you with 24/7 peace of mind, freeing you to focus on driving your business forward. We monitor your systems, apply patches, protect against viruses, ensure backups are performing successfully, and more. We’ll catch (and fix) the little problems before they become big ones – often before you’re even aware there was an issue.

Full Problem Resolution & Expert Customer Service

In the world of IT, problems happen. Computers crash, passwords are lost, email stops working – the list goes on. And without proper technical support in place, these problems can bring your business to an abrupt, and potentially damaging, halt.

With Pro-Active Managed IT’s Help Desk, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our certified technicians can quickly and efficiently resolve even your most complex technical problems.

                  Proactive IT Maintenance

Not every support issue can be called a catastrophe – until it prevents you from being able to do your job. We’re here to help you stay ahead of the curve, so you can focus on growing your business. We’ve adopted a proactive approach to network monitoring and IT maintenance.

That’s why our help desk is a seamless extension of our remote monitoring platform. When you call to report an issue, there’s a good chance we’re already aware of the problem you’re experiencing – and are actively working to resolve it.

Our technicians receive regular training, coaching and quality review to continuously sharpen their skills. They’re backed by a team of professional supervisors and managers to ensure consistency and unmatched service delivery. Our technology certifications include:


                  IT Reporting

If you can’t identify the source of a problem, it’s impossible to solve it. Poor network visibility is not only a big risk to your organization’s security, it also threatens employee productivity, and makes it difficult to manage everyday nuisances like downtime and bottlenecks.

Illuminate your network blind spots

Having visibility into your network I the first step to defending it. Pro-Active Managed IT provides businesses with the network security solutions they need to illuminate their networks. Our visualization services include:

Logging and reporting of all network activity. A suite of bit data visibility and reporting tools that instantly identify and distill key network security threats, issues and trends, accelerating the ability to set meaningful security policies across the network.

Complete network scans. Mapping every device connected to the network is as simple as running a quick scan directly from our Web UI.

Control over mobile connections. Track all mobile connections through Wi-Fi and VPN to ensure only approved devices an access corporate data.

Threat detection. Put a spotlight on infected devices before malicious hackers have a chance to deploy your network resources and company data to the public.

                  vCIO Technical Advisory Services

Business challenges don’t usually fall into neat categories – they’re specific to a threat or a need faced by a company. At Pro-Active Managed IT, we seek to understand your specific challenge, identify risks, and provide you with effective IT solutions for your company. Our team of virtual CIOs leverage technologies to address your business goals and execute strategies that will grow with you.

Your trusted technology expert

Staying current and competitive in business often means re-evaluating technologies and business solutions. You’re provided with a personal vCIO advisor to help manage your technology deployment with their expertise and experience. They’ll ensure the technology is integrated into your business solution to advance your business goals and make sure the job gets done right.


If the power in your office fails tonight, and all of your computers crash, how quickly can you recover? And more importantly, at what cost? According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 93% of companies that experience a disaster go out of business within 5 years – even if they can recover in the short term.

We’re here to ensure your business doesn’t become another statistic. Our business continuity solution is about more than just backup – it’s designed to quickly revive your network following any unplanned downtime, and ensure your employees are operating productively in almost no time at all.

Unparalleled Peace of Mind

In today’s always-on business landscape, maintaining an effective backup and disaster recovery (BDR) strategy is becoming more important than ever before. Data is playing an increasingly critical role in decision-making processes, and the costs and risks associated with downtime are skyrocketing – not to mention the damage your brand and reputation can suffer in the event of a disaster.

Pro-Active Managed IT’s business continuity solution includes features like continuous data protection, cloud-based replication and recovery, and more.

What does that mean? It means you can rest easy knowing that your critical data, emails, reports, and other information are all protected, backed up and securely tucked away until you need them.

Direct Support

Having a backup appliance in place is only the first step in a successful business continuity strategy. To minimize the risk of data loss as much as possible, you’ll want to have technicians proactively monitoring the entire backup process to ensure things are working as expected.

That’s why we’ve got a dedicated team keeping a watchful eye over your protected servers, ready to jump into action should any problems arise. And if the worst should happen, don’t worry – we’ll have you back up and running quickly.


With the simple set-up, you can easily and quickly start using the services. Pro-Active Managed IT will ensure your taken care of by managing all of your services and ensuring that all of your services are up to date and running – you’ll never have to worry about keeping your data private and safe again.

Protect your technology environment

IT attacks and malicious threats are growing exponentially. Pro-Active Managed IT will help ensure you don’t become a statistic. Network firewall traffic must be monitored at all times to identify and respond to threats. Proactive, real-time management is the only solution which can protect your business by ensuring security policies and configurations on your firewall devices are continuously updated and optimized.

Pro-Active Managed IT’s firewall management services provide 24×7 firewall administration, log monitoring and response to security and device health events. Security and health events are correlated across your environment and analyzed by our security team to access threats and remediate issues. We are always on and always watching to keep your company secure.

Protection from Malware

Malware is getting more sophisticated by the day and the number of cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate. According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers study, cyberattacks were up 48% from 2013-2014. With government and large companies no longer being the only targets for hackers, protection for small and medium-size businesses is more important than ever before.

Pro-Active Managed IT understands the advanced threats, including APTs (advanced persistent threats), which are particularly difficult to detect and extremely dangerous to your network. We are here to make sure your business has the right solution and deliver the best-in-class technology to safeguard employees’ sensitive data.


The challenges that businesses face vary in depth and complexity based on the size, needs and future goals of a company. A 25-person non-profit organization will have different technology requirements than a 500-member healthcare accounting firm. Pro-Active Managed IT provides distinct services that are targeted to increase your business operational efficiency, productivity and performance.

Whatever your challenge, Pro-Active Managed IT will provide you with a proactive and preventative managed IT solution to move your business forward with confidence. We leverage leading technology solutions that focus on delivering the highest levels of security anytime, anywhere – from home to business, desktop to web and all the devices in between. We cover your entire network and deliver Managed IT Services at every level.

            Office 365

Pro-Active Managed IT offers affordable Office 365 options to help run your business more easily. From home to business, desktop to web and all the devices in between, create and collaborate on projects and keep your documents at your fingertips. Pro-Active Managed IT offers you the tools to get your work done.

            Mobile Device Management

Pro-Active Managed IT’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides powerful and secure monitoring and management of mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, Androids and more. We can successfully separate work use from recreational use to keep your business data secure and have the ability to selectively and remotely remove corporate data from any mobile device. Pro-Active Managed IT’s team will manage your day-to-day monitoring so you can focus on growing your business.


Wi-Fi doesn’t give you a competitive advantage – it offers you a chance to compete. With benefits ranging from increased productivity to improved customer satisfaction, providing a wireless network for your employees and guests has become the table stakes of doing business.

Here are the top risks facing your wireless environment:

Wi-Fi password cracking. Wireless access points that still use older security protocols, like WEP, make for easy targets because the passwords are notoriously easy to crack.

Rogue hotspots. Nothing physically prevents a cyber-criminal from enabling a foreign access point near your hotspot with a matching SSID, which invites unsuspecting customers to log in. Users that fall victim to the rogue AP are susceptible to a malicious code injection.

Planting Malware. A common tactic used by hackers is to plant a backdoor on the network, allowing them to return at a later date to steal sensitive information.

Eavesdropping. Guests run the risk of having their private communications detected, or packet sniffed, by nosey cyber snoops while on an unprotected wireless network.

Data theft. Joining a wireless network puts users at risk of losing private documents that may contain highly sensitive information to cyber thieves who opportunistically intercept data being sent through the network.

Inappropriate and illegal usage. Adult or extremist content can be offensive to neighboring users, and illegal downloads of protected media leave the business susceptible to copyright infringement lawsuits.

Bad neighbors. Mobile attacks, such as Android’s Stagefright, can spread from guest to guest, even if victim zero is oblivious to the outbreak.

Protect your business with secure wireless

Pro-Active Managed IT understands that enabling Wi-Fi is easy, but security can be a challenge. We’re here to make sure your business implements the right technology so your corporate data, customer privacy, and reputation will be properly secured.

LED Lighting

By the year 2030, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that LED technology could save 190 terawatt hours of electricity per year. At today’s prices, that’s $15 billion in savings.

LED lighting represents one of the biggest immediate cost savings opportunities for any company. With power efficiency rates over 50% for fluorescent lighting and up to 80% for traditional incandescent, moving to LED can save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on your electricity bills. Even more impressive is the durability of LED lighting with lifespans that can exceed 25 years before replacement is required. Pro-Active Managed IT is at the forefront of the lighting industry transformation with comprehensive LED lighting services programs. In addition to offering high out-put LED lights we have offerings to help our enterprise accounts seamlessly manage their transition to LEDs, achieve an attractive RIO and realize significant cost savings.