CyberGate IT

“Cybercriminals wielding Locky crypto-locking ransomware are continuing to ramp up their assaults, especially in the healthcare sector, with attackers distributing less banking malware and more ransomware, according to new research.

So far this month, several “massive” new phishing campaigns have been launched, targeting victims in multiple industries with Locky ransomware, security researcher Chong Rong Hwa from cybersecurity firm FireEye says in a blog post (see Report: Most Phishing Emails Pack Ransomware).

As in recent months, healthcare remains the sector most frequently targeted by Locky ransomware. So far in August, other oft-targeted industries include telecommunications, manufacturing, aerospace/defense, financial services and government agencies, according to FireEye. Organizations in the United States were most targeted, followed by Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Germany.”


Author: Mathew J. Schwartz