“Ransomware as a Service is not only a threat to solution providers’ customers, but functioning under a rather “mature” business model, executives detailed at a Dell Data Security ransomware roundtable last week.

“[Ransomware as Service] basically means you can go there and make your own ransomware using their engine and customize it however you want,” Zach Lanier, director of research at cyber security products and services company Cylance, explained during the event. “They will actually give you customer service as well. If you were having problems making ransomware, they’ll also help you out there. So the bad guys are helping the bad guys.”

Brett Hansen, executive director of Dell Data Security solutions, added that providers of Ransomware as Service take a piece (usually around 20 of percent) of their hacker customers’ earnings.

Channel partners should work to ensure their customers are aware of this threat and how sophisticated it can be. The experts agreed that the Ransomware as a Service approach is growing.”


Author: Scharon Harding