CyberGate IT

Protection Against Digital Threats

Organizations must have a proactive approach in defeating digital threats. Unfortunately, many businesses focus on IT alone and do not treat cybersecurity as an ongoing process. Although your system may seem secure today, tomorrow a hacker may discover a critical vulnerability.  Although this is an unpleasant thought, we are not in the business of profiting on fear.  As Cybersecurity experts, we work alongside our clients to assist them in implementing the necessary processes and controls. Cyber criminals only need to discover one un-patched flaw in your security armor to launch a full-fledged cyber-attack.

As part of a wider security strategy, organizations should be running continuous vulnerability scans to discover new and emerging cyber threats. Vulnerabilities are almost always found within applications because software is developed by humans and humans make mistakes. To minimize this window of opportunity for attacks, you should be running vulnerability scans at least once a quarter and patching security weaknesses accordingly. You can’t defend your infrastructure if you are not patching vulnerabilities faster than cyber criminals can find them. As part of your strategy, you need to continuously identify and remediate vulnerabilities in your business-critical applications. But how can you do this without putting too much strain on your IT staff?

The answer is simple: CyberGate IT…”Keeping Private Information From Becoming Public”