The likelihood of falling victim to a cyber attack grows by the day as hackers become more prevalent and sophisticated.

More than 3 million data records were lost or stolen every day in the first half of 2016, according to CyberArk. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported more than 4,000 ransomware attacks – a method where hackers threaten to publish a victim’s data unless a ransom is paid – occur each day, a 300 percent increase from 2015. One in every 131 emails contained malware – short for malicious software – in 2016, the highest rate in five years.

“Cyber security is a never-ending, ever-changing activity,” said Ed Rojas, a national cyber security consultant. “Every hour a new malware is identified or a new attack in progress is discovered. As technology evolves to make our lives easier, so does what is known as attack vectors. …Everyone can be a victim at any time.”

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Author: Jeff Malachowski