CyberGate IT

“Security researcher Mathy Vanhoef publicly disclosed a serious vulnerability in the WPA2 encryption protocol yesterday that affects all devices that use WiFi. While we’ve listed many ways to protect yourself against KRACK, the best way to completely eradicate it from your network is to update all your WiFi devices. And some companies have been faster than others.

If you’re worried, you can also buy a separate WiFi access point, plug it to your router and disable WiFi on your router. Owen Williams has been doing a good job tracking the status of all the various updates, even if you have an access point from an unknown vendor. Ubiquiti, Microtik, Meraki, Aruba and FortiNet updated their respective firmware in no time.

But updating your access points isn’t enough. You also need to update your devices. Otherwise, if you connect to an unknown WiFi network that hasn’t been patched, somebody can still look at your unencrypted internet traffic and collect some sweet personal data about you.”

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Author: Romain Dillet