Data Breaches & The Dark Web

Not 'If Your Network Is Breached,' - but WHEN

Data breaches are a REAL threat that you should plan for. Do you take that advice seriously? A lot of businesses don’t, which is alarming since SMBs have a higher susceptibility of being successfully breached, in comparison to larger corporations! There is a lack of knowledge and wherewithal to plan for varying attacks, but you can take small steps to mitigate exposure to the threats before they gain access to your network.

Ask yourself these questions:

–        What monetary value is at stake if my business is successfully is hit with a cyber-attack?

–        Could I detrimentally affect the lives of my customers if their information gets into the wrong hands?

–        Would my business go bankrupt because of an attack?

Think about it this way. When it comes to experiencing a data breach, the odds are as high as 1 in 4. Therefore, you must understand the probability of being attacked, how your business could be affected – and even more importantly, which factors can reduce or increase the impact and cost of your data breach.

You have to compare the cost of preventing an attack versus recovering from an attack. What is the value you put on protecting your network with the most up to date security offerings? Once you have responded to the questions above, this answer should be clear as day.

A good place to start is to see whether your credentials (email and passwords) are on the Dark Web. If you have been compromised, we can assist your business. If nothing turns up, you’ll have peace of mind and can take preventative actions. I would like to offer you. Take the next logical steps to robustly protecting your network!