CyberGate IT

“One of the popular video streaming websites, Dailymotion has been hit a cyber-attack that is said to have led to a massive data breach of more than 85 million user accounts. The data breach occurred on October 20, according to data breach monitoring company LeakedSource. After its report, Dailymotion on Tuesday came into action to issue an advisory to its users to change their passwords, in addition to denying any compromise of user data.

Dailymotion, owned by the media group Vivendi, took this event to its blog, where it has said that the hack is limited and there has been no data breach. “It has come to our attention that a potential security risk, coming from outside Dailymotion may have compromised the passwords for a certain number of accounts. The hack appears to be limited, and no personal data has been comprised.” the blog post said. The data breach is said to have supposedly stolen 85.2 million usernames and email addresses, along with 18 million scrambled passwords on October 20, LeakedSource said, BBC reports.”

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Author: Shubham Verma