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6 Small Business IT Support Services To Improve Efficiency

6 Small Business IT Support Services To Improve Efficiency

Small businesses must become as efficient as possible with their IT support and managed services. Cybergate IT is a managed IT service provider local to Atlanta, Georgia. We aim to increase your company’s productivity with our wide range of IT service solutions. 

Here are 6 ways Cybergate IT can improve efficiency for your business operations. 

1 – Cloud Based Computing

There are many benefits associated with cloud computing, including increased data security and reduced IT costs. By storing company files on a third-party, internet-based server, you will spend less time on maintenance on more on what matters for your business. Your employees can also enjoy remote access to your company files and data, allowing them to work from home or on the go as needed.

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2 – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

What would happen if your current servers or computer systems went down? Would you lose all your important files? How long would your business be out of commission before it can resume work? With our business continuity and disaster recovery service, you can rest easy knowing that your critical data, reports, emails, and other information are protected and backed up on a secure server.

Our business continuity solution is about more than just backup – it’s designed to quickly revive your network following any unplanned downtime to ensure you have access to the data, systems, and services your business needs to function.

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3 – Vulnerability Assessments

One single cyber attack can crush a small business. Our vulnerability assessments are designed to scan the internet and the dark web to determine your business’s vulnerability to a cyber attack. We will pinpoint problem areas and provide a solution to protect your business online moving forward. 

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4 – Work From Home Setups

Employees enjoy flexibility in the workplace. Work shouldn’t dominate an employee’s life, and productivity will likely increase when they can work from home as needed. Our Workspace as a Service (WaaS) allows you and your employees to continuously stay connected to your workplace from any device and location. 

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5 – Managed WiFi as a Service

Our Managed WiFi solutions leverage the best-of-breed technologies to deliver secure, enterprise-grade WiFi capabilities. Our services provide an easily configurable administrator interface to monitor who is connected and which areas they are connected. We take the guesswork out of wireless security and deliver a customized Managed WiFi solution to your unique business needs.

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6 – Mobile Device Management

This service provides robust and secure monitoring and management of mobile devices and tablets. We work to help manage and secure these devices with centralized policy and compliance control from a web-based console. This allows the Cybergate IT team to manage your mobile data security fully. We provide the back-end monitoring, support, and maintenance that will enable you to focus on growing your business while we focus on the technology.

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